The European way of digital transformation in cities and communities


The Governance of the Living-in.EU community facilitates and supports co-creation activities within five Subgroups: legal, financial, technical, education and capacity building, and impact measuring.

The objective of the subgroups is to support the governance of the Living-in.EU community by coordinating the broad range of activities and stakeholders with various expertise. Go Li.EU addresses the call DIGITAL-2021-DEPLOY-01-LIVING-EU. 

Subgroup Education & Capacity Building

The Education & Capacity Building subgroup aims to support European cities and their 4-helix stakeholders to develop new digital skills on citizen-centric design and digital transformation by developing a culture of co-creative, participative and cross-sector approaches to designing and implementing smart and sustainable local solutions.

Summary of the objectives for 2023: in the first 6 months of 2023 we will focus on drafting a clear strategy for the development, deployment and uptake of cross-domain interoperable digital solutions, including the collection of needs for the Capacity Building Program. The remaining 6 months of 2023 will be devoted to mutual learning through interactive learning sessions for Living-in.EU signatories.

Subgroup Finance

The Finance subgroup explores sustainable measures related to joint investment plans, synergies between funds, reinforcement of investments and common public procurement practices to develop and implement common existing digital solutions on a large scale in the EU.

Summary of the objectives for 2023: the Finance subgroup focuses on understanding European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums, the development of potential public procurement practices for AI, identification of EU funding opportunities, learning about funding synergies and collecting support needs for local digital transformation.

Subgroup Legal

The Legal subgroup assesses contractual and legislative measures related to the provision of a common EU framework for cross-sector and cross-border digital solutions for cities and communities.

Summary of the objectives for 2023: the Legal subgroup focuses on supporting the development of standard contract clauses for the procurement of AI and understanding European legislative measures and policy proposals such as the Interoperable Europe Act among other.

Subgroup Monitoring and Measuring

The Monitoring and Measuring subgroup wants to bring relevant city initiatives, associations and platforms of cities as well as interested signatory cities together to develop a solid and unique framework for measuring and monitoring sustainable digital transformation processes.

Summary of the objectives for 2023: The key objective for 2023 will be supporting the release of the LORDIMAS tool and ensuring its take-up to achieve a critical mass of cities and communities answering the survey.

Subgroup Technical

The role of the Technical subgroup is to identify and support the implementation of common existing digital solutions on a large scale in the EU to support the three principles given in the declaration regarding the technical commitment:

  • Use common standards and technical specifications,
  • Make key enablers (including data, infrastructure and services) available to all,
  • Establish a common market.

Summary of the objectives for 2023: the Technical subgroup focuses on supporting the continuing development of MIMs Plus within the context of European legislative measures and policy proposals. It will do this in the context of the developing work on Data Spaces for Smart & Sustainable Cities and Communities [please, insert hyperlink]

The annual priorities and work plans of the subgroups will be reviewed and updated every year to include emerging topics and challenges.

Living-in.EU Platform

The work of the sub-groups will be channelled and facilitated on the Living-in.EU platform, accessible on Living-in.EU. All news and events related tot he Go Li.EU project will be published on the platform, which will be the online home of the community and the main communication channel.

Visit the platform.