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Go Li.EU 


In line with the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) objectives, the Go Li.EU community already aims for a cohesive, digital Europe where everyone can enjoy the economic and social benefits of a sustainable digital transformation. Living-in.EU enables the conditions for scaling up digital solutions to solve societal challenges. The community driven by cities, communities and member states works in close collaboration with the European institutions and networks according to the principles of multilevel governance.

To secure that the movement becomes part of the DEP and to enable the voice of the Living-in.EU community, a governance structure needs to be in place. The Governance of the Living-in.EU community (Go Li.EU) project provides the Governance of the Living-in.EU community of digital transformation at the local level. It aims to structure and coordinate the broad range of activities of the community, growth, and promotion, organise the stakeholders across various Subgroups (legal, financial, technical, education and capacity building, impact measuring), animate the community and provide the support needed for knowledge sharing and the uptake of existing proven digital solutions in cities, communities and regions. Its thematic focus is on Local Digital Twins, Local Data Platforms, Data Spaces, and related topics; to bring worlds together and to accelerate on our shared challenges and solutions towards systemic change.

Go Li.EU will make fundamental contribution to this acceleration by organizing the governance focusing on:
– Community management and growth,
– Building a network with signatories, supporters and all relevant EU initiatives,
– Contributing to a comprehensive landscape of technology companies for the purpose of the uptake of Local Digital Twins,
– Promoting data spaces, IoT infrastructure and approaches such as the MIMs Plus,
– Building the ‘digital’ capacities of EU cities and communities.

In other words, Go Li.EU would like to be that catalyst to create an ongoing movement as foreseen with funding opportunities and elements of the DEP.

Project n.: 101083615
Funding programme: Digital Europe
Funding call: DIGITAL-2021-DEPLOY-01
Project duration: 48 months
Start date: 01/10/2022
End date: 30/09/2026

Living-in.EU Platform

The work of the sub-groups will be channelled and facilitated on the Living-in.EU platform, accessible on Living-in.EU. All news and events related tot he Go Li.EU project will be published on the platform, which will be the online home of the community and the main communication channel.

For any information, you can contact Gabriela Ruseva, Project Coordinator at Eurocities,

Visit the platform.