Dec 9, 2022


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First NameMiguel

Last NameHernández

What is the name of your organization?Science for Change


What best describes the type of organisation that you are representing?Private sector

Where are you based?Carrer de Vilamarí, 50, Barcelona, 08015, ES

Name of the equipment
The number of these devices used in your initiative (estimation):
  • Commercial product
Measured parameter (you can select several)
  • Other
New Option – parameter’s name
Odour intensity
New Option – Unit
1 to 6
New Option – parameter’s name
Odour hedonic tone
New Option – Unit
-4 to 4
Energy type
  • Battery
Temporal resolution
1 second
Where are you measuring air quality?
Device’s location
  • Street – public domain
  • Mobile : Person mounted
Level of expertise required to operate
Simple if you take the time to read the documentation

What is the name of your initiative?OdourCollect

How would you describe the main mission of your initiative?Measure personal exposure, Raise awareness/education, Other

Other organization missionsMeasure odour impact

Please provide a short description of your initiative (What is being done? Who is participating? What are your main goals?) This text will appear on the main page.This project is based on a standardised European methodology to evaluate odour episodes through citizens’ observations. Odour Collect’s main goal is identifying areas where the quality of life is jeopardised by frequent odour exposure. Any citizen can act as the observer and collect geo-localised open data on the odour episode, which can be used to build collaborative odour complaint maps. Through citizen generated data, it is possible to get a better understanding of the impact of odour emitting activities.

Who is your main audience?Citizens, Cities, Private sector

If possible, provide the list of partners involved in the initiative.Science for Change
FECYT (Spanish fundation of Science and Technology)
MSpanish ministry of Science and Innovation

How is this initiative funded?Partially funded European project, Other

Context – OtherSpanish initiative NEOTEC

Please provide an estimation of the total budget of the initiative (in €):100 000 – 500 000

What is the duration of the initiative?1 to 5 years

How many participants (citizen scientists, volunteers, etc.) have been involved (approximately)?1000 – 5000

Website that presents your initiative

Please share any other relevant/interesting links about your initiative:The International Odour Observatory has been designed to fill the gap in accessing information in relation to odour issues. This resource has been created to help anyone who has a part to play in causing or addressing odour pollution, including individuals and communities; policy makers and regulators ; researchers and industries. It includes information on odour issues, regulations, research, data collection methods and potential mitigation measures or solutions.

Please upload a picture to illustrate your initiative

Are you using a platform for data visualisation?No, we manually process the data (csv, excel, …)

Other Initiatives

GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign

GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Description: The GLOBE Ireland Air Quality Campaign is a school-based citizen-science project to assess traffic-related (nitrogen dioxide) air pollution outdoors at schools in Ireland. This is an educational project designed to raise awareness about air pollution, showcase the potential of citizen science to gather unique datasets and insights into our environment and promote behavior change.

List of parameters measured: NO2

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Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: xAire represents a large-scale monthly air quality monitoring in Barcelona and it has been replicated in Venice. It is an unprecedented citizen science project that involves schools and families to both: collect new geographically accurate data on air quality, and to empower themselves to present them rigorously in front of the City Council. With the support of the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, 18 public primary schools from the 10 districts of the city participate in the action.

List of parameters measured: NO2

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Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Description: Citizens are involved in urban rainwater monitoring as well as in urban air pollution monitoring, the latter on the basis of various indoor and outdoor scenarios, by employing low-cost AQ sensors. Via a number of citizen workshops as well as citizen-powered environmental monitoring campaigns, the project aims to map related problems and arrive at a set of best practices applicable to everyday life, on the basis of collaborative data analytics and knowledge extraction.

List of parameters measured: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity, CO2

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