The Strategy & Oversight working group oversees the development of the CitiMeasure instruments and implementation of the pilots, provides advice on development of the CitiMeasure Knowledge Centre, and contributes to the overall implementation of CitiMeasure by identifying linkages between the instruments, sharing good practices and new information, ensuring connections with external stakeholders, and being advocates for citizen science and CitiMeasure. This working group has five objectives:


  • Objective 1: Ensure strong oversight, support, and advice of the WGs and the instruments being developed, including thorough review of the outputs and periodic meetings
  • Objective 2: Monitoring and supporting the pilots and ensuring the lessons learned are shared
  • Objective 3: Developing foresight for citizen science and CitiMeasure
  • Objective 4: Supporting the development of the Knowledge Centre and its long-term business plan
  • Objective 5: Engage with external stakeholders and policymakers through events, presentations, and the development of policy briefs.