The Behaviour and Policy working group will develop a basic set of guidelines and key principles towards increased understanding of the changes in behaviour of different stakeholder groups, as well as decision and policy making processes.  This working group has five objectives:


  • Objective 1: Share ideas, case studies, best practices related to behaviour and policy change in citizen science initiatives. These best practices are documented with a close attention to their context (e.g., geographic, cultural, legal, and social context).
  • Objective 2: Jointly analyse and document the lessons learned from (un-)successful initiatives in terms of catalysing changes in behaviour of different stakeholders (e.g., trust, participation behaviour, new culture of collaboration, sharing responsibilities), as well as established decision and policy making processes.
  • Objective 3: By March 2022, develop guidelines and principles on behaviour and policy change that help cities and citizen science initiatives foster such changes.
  • Objective 4: Pilot the developed best practice in at least one real life example of citizen science initiatives between April and December 2022.
  • Objective 5: Consolidate the guideline/principles with lessons learned from the pilot phase and further analysis by March 2023.